Lesbismo Italiano Oral History Project

A black and white photo of actress Eleonora Duse.

Questo progetto è l’inizio di un piccolo contributo alla preservazione della storia LGBT Italiana.

This project wishes to contribute to the preservation of LGBT Italian history

LIOH is an exploration of the lives of two Italian women, Alessandra and Bianca. In the oral histories they discuss their relationship with their family, the discovery of their sexual orientation, workplace environments, and social spaces.

These interviews are characterised by a strong interest in the “everyday life.” Still, they ask big questions.

How were Italian queer women in XXI century influenced by society, religion, and politics?

So far, very few attempts have been made to include queer Italian women into the national historical knowledge.

Although publications concerning this topic are extremely under-researched, we have gathered a few history works you might find useful.

Do let us know if we are missing something.

Biagini, Elena. L’emersione Imprevista : Il Movimento Delle Lesbiche in Italia Negli Anni ’70 e ’80. Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 2018.

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